Intuitive 3D scanning at an unbeatable price.

No license fees, no lock-ins.

£5,995 ex. VAT (E3D)    £7,495 ex. VAT (E3DHR)
Coming Dec 2018

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Capture reality in 360°

Capture a detailed 3D scene in under three minutes. No blind spots, no set-up, just scan.

Colour 3D scan in under three minutes
360° x 360° field of view
20m scanning range
0.125° - 0.25° resolution, 30mm accuracy
Effortless 3D scanner with removable battery

Power through your project

A high-capacity removable battery and ample on-board storage give you the freedom to scan all day.

Removable 2600mAh battery ensures you always have power
5 hours scanning time per charge
On-board storage for over 100 scans
Dual 5 megapixel cameras on the Effortless 3D scanner

See things clearly

High-precision optics and automated HDR imaging ensure you capture everything, every time.

Dual 5 megapixel cameras
Calibrated 360° x 360° spherical images
40 megapixel output
Automatic HDR imaging

No fuss, just seamless imaging and accurate 3D

Depth-guided stitching fuses dozens of exposures to create seamless HDR panoramas.

Effortless 3D scanner and mobile app

Accessible to everyone

Intuitive control lets you capture everything with a single button or manage your entire project from a mobile.

Wireless, autonomous data processing
Single-button operation
Control and monitoring via Android and iOS apps
Live 3D map - never miss a thing
Simple 3D scan registration through a mobile

No more complicated software

Automated on-board processing eliminates the need for complex proprietary software. It's your data, do what you want with it.

On-board colour 3D processing
Automatic noise filtering
Simple, semi-automatic registration from a mobile
Automatic tilt correction

Key Technical Specifications

Range 0.1m to 20m
Field of view 360° x 360°
3D accuracy 30mm at 20m
Angular resolution 0.25° (E3D)   0.125° (E3DHR)
Imaging 2 camera, 10 megapixel system
360° panoramas 40 megapixel, HDR
File output E57, E3D, PNG
Laser Class 1, eye safe
IP rating IP54
Battery Removable, 5 hours usage
Dimensions 240mm x 110mm x 110mm
Weight <2kg

Features and specifications subject to change.

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